K&L Construction Co., Inc.
New Home Custom Construction and Renovation Company

Specializing in foundation to finish New Homes and
multi-faceted Remodels and Commercial projects.


Your full-service construction company needs met with K&L Construction Company, Inc.

Custom Construction Design & Re-Modelling Services in CA.We are adept in all types of construction and give conscious detail to all Architectural styles. 


Our Team

Based in Sonoma County, CA, with Vice President Samuel C. Knight and Associate Homero Morales, K&L Construction Co., Inc. has continued to be a leading fine home builder.

We believe in Integrity, Family, Community and Craftsmanship with all we do.



Our Founder Alec lok leads our excellent crew on one successful project after the other, with due diligence all along the way.

Together, the customer, contractor and crew, make the team which makes the project happen.

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We provide detailed and accurate surveying. We work closely with underground engineers. We are there from the time when there is nothing from the mud. We aren't done until you get the key to the home. We are adept with every process and aspect of construction.

Let us help you with pre-construction planning at realistic prices.


 Peg & Jeremy King

Alec Lok and Sam Knight (KL Construction) are simply wonderful builders. Our custom westside home was completed with the utmost care and integrity. Alec and Sam go above and beyond in all capacities for each client from start to finish. Their skilled craftsmen do beautiful work and are especially proficient in new home builds. They constantly looked out for our best interests throughout the project.